The Only Lesson

There are times when life fails you,
your faith is shattered,
Not into a billion pieces,
But into an oblivion; a black hole.

You don’t know what to do,
You don’t know where to go,
When hope becomes non existent,
You lose control.

When people don’t judge you by your actions,
But their opinions; the rumors,
When trust becomes extra terrestrial,
A luxury.

That is the time when man discovers something,
Something so alien,
Yet so much at home,
Only to be found when at peace,
Only to be found when lonely.

The feeling,
Deeper than Marianas Trench,
Hidden in the ocean of himself,
Guiding silently.

Taking its veil off,
Only when alone,
Only when the world is shut off,
Still guiding silently.

For when the world has failed you,
You only have yourself,
To trust, to love, to think,
To act for, To prove to.

It is then we learn the biggest lesson,
This unique lesson of our mysterious self.

And when we do,
We realize,
We knew it all along.
So what was wrong?